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Casey NelsonGuest contributorTuesday, December 05, 2023
Foos Pulse
She was looking to play pool.  She visited a popular local spot and met some folks.  She asked the owner “why no foosball?” He countered “Can you make that happen?”.  And she did.


It was 2012 when Adrienne McCormack ("Age") and Ken Oglesby (legendary table operator) wove a Sunday afternoon foosball tournament into reality at the local pub in North Phoenix, the Loft Again. The resulting argument-solving, angst-relieving, territory-marking, sublime chaos became fun for the regulars. They looked forward to the next match! Age was sensitive about the differing styles and strengths of the players so she categorized each player into a high/low system: if you were experienced, you were encouraged to play with a lower-skilled player. Then, in order to shake things up and allow newer players to gain experience in all parts of the game, she adopted a tournament style that she really liked originally hatched by Billy Nolan. It borrowed from the old VIFA "Roto Doubles" league games, and had each team rotate players after each score. Each player developing their skills at forward and at goalie. Soon every player reached moderate skills so victory was fleeting for the ambitious.

Eventually, as the more advanced players in the Phoenix area began competing, the directors decided to utilize the Arizona Foosball League points rating system to level the playing field even further. These ratings set the stage for the true western gunslinger, eye-to-eye, close-range showdown balanced in parity. To this day we have an exciting high/low draw where the least-skilled players can team up with the most-skilled player. This allows the premier players to show the lesser-skilled players the fine skills and strategies of the tournament style foosball game.

Today, Age has decided to delegate the "tournament director" duties for most events, and spends her time focusing on event promotion. She still hosts the events every week and makes sure all new players are greeted and made to feel welcome.

To this day, the Sunday Loft Again tournament is the most popular weekly event in Arizona. This is not only due to the efforts of Adrienne, Kenny and the directors, but also many of the local players get involved. We self-regulate our rules to make this a gentle-persons game designed to be fun and exciting and inclusive, even the Thursday night pick-up games. You can be included too - just check the event calendar at and register for any Sunday event. Or, just drop by and say hi!

jimking1/3 10:35amCongrats Casey on another informative and fun-to-read Pulse! You definitely have a gift of putting thoughts and insights to words...keep up the excellent fun and creative writing!
Steve Taylor1/6 12:34pmNice read Casey.
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