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Event:  Handicapped Monster Roto Doubles (@ The Loft Again)
Date:  3:00 PM, Sunday 4/4/2021
Est. Completion:  9:00 PM 7 Rounds Completed of 8
1Player ActivePaul Freund103040.71445371.216
2Player FinishedBilly Nolan104220.62546401.150
3Player FinishedMichael Carey93230.56348431.116
4Player FinishedJim King93230.56347451.044
5Player FinishedRGIII73410.43843470.915
6Adrienne Mccormack62320.42940401.000
7Tony Dardano62320.42939420.929
8Player FinishedKen Oglesby62420.37540460.870
9Rick Weirman50250.35736440.818
Display matches for:
TbTeam 1Team 2GameScgSpotResultCalledStartEnd
Jim King • Paul FreundRick Weirman • Michael CareyDoublesG706-603:3303:3803:57
Ken Oglesby • Tony DardanoBilly Nolan • RGIIIDoublesG714-703:3303:3803:59
Michael Carey • Ken OglesbyJim King • Billy NolanDoublesG717-304:1204:1204:12
Adrienne Mccormack • Paul FreundRick Weirman • Tony DardanoDoublesG726-604:1304:1304:13
RGIII • Adrienne MccormackJim King • Tony DardanoDoublesG714-704:1804:2304:27
Billy Nolan • Rick WeirmanKen Oglesby • Paul FreundDoublesG7-13-704:1804:2304:33
RGIII • Michael CareyTony Dardano • Adrienne MccormackDoublesG7-35-704:3404:3904:44
Ken Oglesby • Billy NolanPaul Freund • Rick WeirmanDoublesG7-16-604:3404:3904:46
Jim King • Michael CareyKen Oglesby • Adrienne MccormackDoublesG7-27-504:4704:5205:01
RGIII • Tony DardanoBilly Nolan • Paul FreundDoublesG7-25-704:4704:5204:55
Rick Weirman • RGIIIMichael Carey • Adrienne MccormackDoublesG7-26-605:1805:1805:18
Jim King • Ken OglesbyBilly Nolan • Tony DardanoDoublesG706-605:1905:1905:19
Adrienne Mccormack • Jim KingPaul Freund • RGIIIDoublesG715-705:3205:3205:32
Billy Nolan • Michael CareyKen Oglesby • Rick WeirmanDoublesG7-17-305:3305:3305:33
1Ken Oglesby • RGIIIBilly Nolan • Adrienne MccormackDoublesG7-32-705:3405:3905:40
2Jim King • Rick WeirmanMichael Carey • Paul FreundDoublesG7-16-605:3405:3905:45
Tony Dardano • Michael CareyJim King • RGIIIDoublesG714-705:4605:5105:57
Jim King • Michael CareyBilly Nolan • Paul FreundRoto DoublesG10-15BY2-206:00--