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Stig Aikens
Vital Statistics
AZ Foos Username'Stig'
VIFA Rating642
League Rating-1.000
VIFA Titles1995 Southeastern Invitational "Least Invited Player"
League Titles
Favorite Shot(s)Disrespector
Arch NemesisClay Otis
Favorite BitchSlim Finger
Proudest MomentApril 5, 1999: Passed out on foos table
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the situasian
12/31 12:00am
Stig Aikens is why I started playing foos
12/31 12:00am
LOL ! Nice!!
12/31 12:00am
Billy...maybe you could come up with a way that the beginners that don't play on a league can have their ratings go just sucks that I will never really have my rating go up even though I play on the sunday tournaments every week and sometimes on friday nights...those games or matches should count somehow for the ratings...I dont want to stay a .5 or a 1 forever...I plan on being at least an 8 by this time next year man!! Lol..Anyway let me know what you think.
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