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'July! A time to Celebrate!'
Jim KingMonday, June 26, 2017
Foos Pulse

July! A time to Celebrate the Founders of our Great Nation and the God-given principles it was founded on…in addition to the great game of Foosball!

Hello foosers of the valley of the intense sun! We’re in the midst of summer and the temperatures have been hovering around record setting highs. And, speaking of record setting, the intensity of the 2017 Spring Arizona Foosball League is at an all time high as we enter week 10 of the season and teams are vying for playoff spots. Along with the league activity taking place, there’s the much anticipated El Jimador tournament scheduled for July and August. And let’s not forget to throw in the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday tournaments taking place each and every week around town. Suffice it to say that if anyone is the least bit interested in getting out and sharpening their foosball skills, there are plenty of events involving all skill levels, beginner to Pro, to exercise their prowess on the table.

Spring Foosball League

This season we have 17 teams involved in both the Eastern and Western Conferences hoping to stake their claim to a spot in Foos Bowl XVI. However, those teams planning on playing for the championship must end up in one of the top four places in their respective conferences in order to make it into the intense and nerve-racking playoffs, which span a couple of weeks.

The Eastern Conference had an early season break away leader, Negative Ghost Rider (Dan Held, Phil Tran & Michael Carey) , but they’ve since suffered three defeats and find themselves tied with 6 wins and 3 losses each with CMC Drilling (Kevin Miller, Delwayne Compton, & Matthew Canterbury). However, none of the teams in the East are totally out of the playoff picture as of this point in time.

The teams in the Western Conference started out much more evenly matched over the first few weeks of play, however STP (Steve Taylor, Tony Dardano, and Paul Freund) find themselves with the best overall record in the league with 7 wins and only 2 losses. Like the East, each and every team is still capable of finding themselves in one of the top four positions entitling them to a playoff spot.

Following are the current standings after 9 weeks of play.

Along with the team playoff scenario, each and every player is also vying to finish atop of at least one of seven player categories so they can represent their conference in a winner-take-all showdown to claim the best player title for each respective category. This face-off takes place just prior to this season’s grand finale, Foos Bowl XVI, and is always an immense West versus East rivalry that always gets the crowd drawn in to their conference favorite.

El Jimador Tequila $5,000 Foosball Promotion

Hopefully each and every foosball player took the time to register for the upcoming el Jimador tourney slated to be played in July and August. You were required to register online for a chance to be drawn to play in the tourney. Following is an excerpt from our website that covers some of the basics of this exciting event.

The event will be a combination "sweepstakes" and foosball competition, where players must enter their names in a national drawing for a chance to compete in the regional events.

The Arizona competition will take place on 5 separate dates this summer, consisting of four qualifier rounds of 32 teams, and a grand finale of 16 teams. The structure will be a single-elimination, game-to-10, with a 10 minute time limit.

There are specific rules in place for this promotion, but they generally follow standard foosball rules with a few minor changes.

Here are a few important notes...

  • $5,000 awarded for 1st place. Promotional tables and swag awarded to runner ups.

  • Must be an Arizona resident to enter and compete.

  • Players sign up at the El Jimador website. Each player may submit an entry once a day until the day of the drawing.

  • Drawing for participants for all four qualifier dates will be held on June 20 via Facebook Live. Selected players may team up with a player of his/her choice.

  • Each qualifier will take place at a local establishment featuring 2 or more Tornado foosball tables.

  • Referees will be on hand to regulate rules and time limits.

Here are the official dates & venues for the 4 qualifier events and the final:

QUALIFIER 1: July 22 @ Duke's in Scottsdale
QUALIFIER 2: July 29 @ Stinger's in Peoria
QUALIFIER 3: August 5 @ Loft Again in N. Phoenix
QUALIFIER 4: August 12 @ Thirsty Lion in Tempe
FINAL: August 19 @ The Park in Phoenix

...Actually, the dates are official, and the venues are probably correct (there is a possibility of different ordering).

The final will be held at the Park in downtown Phoenix, where they plan on displaying the matches on a 15 foot television screen. Also, I've been informed that of all eight regions where this event is being hosted, Arizona is crushing the others in signup entries. Way to go, AZ players! Let's hit this one over the fence and see what happens next!

Here is the plan for the drawing and assignment of teams:

128 teams are needed. 260 Arizona residents have signed up. No player can be on more than 1 team.

The promoter will draw all 260 names in order. They will then call the first 128 to inform them they have been drawn. The winners will have 1 day to respond with the name of their teammate. They will have the option of forfeiting their spot if they would like to team up with someone who ALSO won an entry. (It is up to the players to check with their partners/friends to see if they have both won entries.) If a player forfeits a spot, the spot will be given to the next players available in the drawing order (#129, #130, etc.).

Also, players will be asked to prioritize their date preferences for the qualifier they play in so they can try to accommodate everyone as best as they can.

Once again, if anyone is interested in getting involved in local foosball in any capacity, visit and register using the current signup sheet, post in our forums, or contact Bill Nolan at 602-751-8818. In addition, you can get the latest and greatest details on any foos related activities at this same awesome site.

Remember… Keep Foosin’ Fun!

7/2 1:52am
"God given principles?" Please do not belittle the accomplishments of humankind! lol
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