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Friday, Feb. 23, 2018, 8:30 PM
Open Doubles
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Event NameOpen Doubles
DescriptionAll players welcome.
Event ClassDouble Elimination Tournamment
Game Type/RulesetStandard
Game Variant(s)-
Player PositionsStandard
Team TypeDoubles
Team FormationOpen
Formation IntervalPer Tournament
Age Restrictions-
Sex Restrictions-
Rank Restrictions-
Max Entries Per Player1
Venue:Duke's Sports Bar
Entry:$10 Pro/Ex - $7 Am/Beg
Prizes:100% entry fees paid out.
Director:Jesse Rhode, (623) 666-1060
Jesse Rhode
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Player of the Week


Player of the Week
The Loft Again The latest session of the Phoenix Tour was sponsored by the Loft Again on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix and completed on May 7, 2017.

It encompassed 38 events over a three month stretch and featured 83 dedicated players battling it out for points and prizes across Phoenix's three main tournament venues: Duke's Sports bar in Scottsdale, Stinger's Sports Bar in Peoria, and the Loft Again.

This session's overall title went to Rick Weirman, who prevailed in a tight race against defending champion Bryan Hendricks to become the first rookie player to claim the coveted "Grand Champion" title and jacket with 227 points. Tyler Troupe scored 153 points to claim the "Rookie Champion" jacket. Rounding out the list of champions for this session are Rissa Veloso, Nick Bourdos, Bryan Hendricks and Vivek Arora, who claimed the "Sharpshooter" and "Venue King" titles.
Rick Weirman
Overall Champion

They said it couldn't be done, but Rick Weirman didn't listen to the critics as he suited up for the last session of the Phoenix Tour and racked up 227 points to become the first rookie-class player to earn the overall title and take home the coveted Grand Champion jacket.

The title would not come easy, with the tour going down to the wire in the final weeks as defending champion, pro Bryan Hendricks, surged in the standings in a bid to win his third straight title. But through sheer determination (and a few clutch goals!) Rick held on to the top spot as time expired.

Rick finished in the money in 12 events - a record for a rookie in the Phoenix Tour.
Tyler Troupe
Rookie Champion

The "Rookie Champion" jacket could not find a more suiting place to hang than on the young star Tyler Troupe, who played his first tournament less than two years ago, and came out of nowhere this session to score 153 tour points and mark his spot in the Phoenix Tour record books.

Tyler scored 4 first place finishes en route to the title - including 3 in the final two weeks.
Vivek Arora
King of the Loft

Vivek Arora sports the "King of the Loft" tour hat after placing in 6 out of 10 events at the primary sponsor's location.

Nick Bourdos
King of Duke's

Veteran pro Nick Bourdos held onto his King of Duke's title, placing in 11 of 12 appearances at the venue.

Bryan Hendricks
King of Stinger's

Defending tour champion Bryan Hendricks claimed the King of Stinger's title in the latest tour session, placing in 7 of 9 appearances at the venue.

Rissa Veloso

Rissa Veloso won the Sharpshooter title, recording the highest average score per event of all contestants.
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