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Singles points race sponsored by Duke's Sports Bar. 15 weeks in length.


I will be taking the dollar add to the pot and putting that aside each week. At the end of the 15 weeks I will take that money along with an additional 50 of my own, creating a sizable pot. The following outline the rules for the event...

1 - Points will work exactly the same as they do for the Phoneix Tour where participation will count as well as your result.
2 - At the end of the 15 weeks the top 6 players will be invited to a playoff for all the marbles.
3 - The playoff will start as a handicapped round robin single game. Pros must score 8, Experts 7, Amateurs 6, Beginners 5
4 - After the round robin the top two will square off in the finals, same handicap rules. However the finals are goalies delight, meaning if you score from the pits you get the ball in the pits to start the next point
5 - Winner gets 75% of the purse, 2nd gets 25%.

If we average 10 players over the next 15 weeks we are talking about a $200 dollar pot.