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AFL Players of the Week

Top league players for the week ending August 10, 2017...

Casey Nelson and Rob Newmeyer helped power their teams into the Eastern Conference playoff hunt with big performances in week 16.
Player W L Pct PF PA
  1Casey Nelson (NoMoCurly)620.7505035
 Rob Newmeyer (Jesters)620.7504841
 Daniel Ramirez (Bearded Kartel)620.7504938
 Juan Gallardo (Bearded Kartel)620.7504937
  5George Ramirez (Bearded Kartel)520.7144036
 Darin Mosier (DDT)520.7144229
 Noel Rooney (NoMoCurly)520.7144534
  8Eric Borkavec (S)630.6675145

Ash vs. Spredeman Money Game!
the situasian:   I was there when high level players were getting beat one after the other by Tony Spredeman's left hand. Including Mighty Mo about 5 times... Then Ash "Twinkle Toes" Mizaradehahalsjfhwalsj stepped up and showed Tony a thing or two about foosball.
MightyMo:   Like I said in the Video, we are never gonna hear end of this . . .
Afshin:   I was practicing on my own Rick Marmestein Came over and told me Tony beat most of Arizona state great players left Handed when I heard that I went to Tony's Table got in line next and told myself I will protect Arizona's Foosball Name if I beat tony.
billyboy:   Amazing! Ash, I wonder if you could have won using only one arm as well?
Afshin:   Tony has amazing game and he told me no one ever beat him Left Handed game he try to rematch I told him I play him but he need to use both hand we play like 10 other Friendly games ater that match.Its kinda hard to win left handed cause he is lefty.
JRhode:   Wait...what? Tony was only using his left hand? Not sure I would be caught dead playing with such a handicap! Jeesh! That guy is so next level, he puts all of us to shame !
Afshin:   yes Jesse his left handed game is so good that he beat pro master players 5-0 maybe if they lucky 5-1 .My five man shots are pretty much imposible to block for anyone in the world thats why I got that victory for my AZ Foosers.
tyler:   Ash your only shot is a 5 bar!
Afshin:   Tyler I practice Shots that guaranty to score ,I am a Foosball Hustler and I have to have shots that when I need victory I get it and shots must be one of the kinds that no one can't Block it.
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Afshin:   You guys are great and put lots of time and love in foosball games ,Arizona Foosball is gainning lots of high respect because of real Foosball lovers like you guys,Nick Bourdo,Mike S,Randy Stark,...I am Proud to Name that we are a great Foosball familly .
billyboy:   Here's a good link for translating Azerbaijani to English! ...
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