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Jim KingSaturday, April 30, 2016
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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Spring has sprung upon the Phoenix foosball community and overall participation and camaraderie remains high in the Valley of the Sun. Depending on your perspective, it’s still me, ‘Something Old’, providing my two-cents worth of what’s happening with our local foosball scene. In addition, the winners of the Interim League have been decided. Regarding ‘Something New’, the 2016 Spring Arizona Foosball League has started with some startling early season wins and losses. And…weekly tournaments at Dukes Sport Bar have implemented new formats, and there’s even a totally new DYP Foos Madness suggestion by one of our top rated players. We’re borrowing from past successes with our league and local tourneys to further tweak these events for even greater participation and enjoyment. And…a former foosball hot spot is closing its doors. So, you’d better keep reading to satisfy your curiosity on these topics !...


The 2015/2016 Winter Interim League wrapped up on April 6 th with the following individuals claiming the top prizes.

  • Best overall winning percentage: Chris Petit (0.750)

  • Best winning percentage with a current rating >= 4: Chris Petit (0.750)

  • Best winning percentage with a current rating < 4: Rick Weirman (0.731)

  • Player with the most interim events played: Paul Freund (36)

Congratulations to Chris, Rick, and Paul and thanks to the other 75 players who participated in another successful Interim League !


The much anticipated 2016 Spring Arizona Foosball League started on April 12 th with a total of 19 teams vying for their shot at taking home the title in the season ending Foos Bowl XV . After three weeks of play, following are the standings.

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Make Foosball Great Again

I Pity the Foos

Foos Skulls

Z Fighters



Foos Lives Matter



Hang Town

Claim Jumpers

Money Shot

Foos Nutz

Bearded Kartel

Ship of Foos

Foos Brothers


Foos U

Team Chaos

Although there are currently three teams with unbeaten records, my instinct is advising me that won’t last the entire season as there are numerous good teams currently with losses that I expect to be in the hunt for each conference’s number one seed. Team handicaps range from a low of 0.1 to a high of 7.8, with the average 3.4; a little below the 4.0 mean - primarily attributed to a larger number of beginners joining the league. I’m not entirely sure how to interpret that other than to state I suspect this year’s standings to be even tighter matched than last year’s.

Also, there’s more at stake than just the league champion of Foos Bowl XV ! Following are a list of the other titles up for grabs and capable of being won by any league player.

  • League Stud: Best overall winning percentage

  • Goalie War Champion

  • Forward Shoot Out Champion

  • Five Bar War Champion

  • Singles Champion

  • Doubles Champion

  • Rollerball Champion

  • Hired Gun: Best substitute player

  • Most Improved Player: League players vote for this champ at season’s end!

The above titles, except Hired Gun and Most Improved Player , will be determined by the best of each category in both the Western and Eastern Conferences squaring off the same day as the Foos Bowl XV championship league match to determine the ultimate champions. You can track the above statistics on our site, in the Statistics section, which is updated weekly so that you can see how you’re faring against other players in the league.


The Friday night tournaments being held at Dukes Sport Bar has changed from its previous weekly Bring Your Partner (BYP)/Open Doubles format to a biweekly BYP along with a Draw Your Partner (DYP) on alternating weeks. Regarding the new format DYPs, to date there have been regular DYPs, Hi-Low, and most recently, a one-ball Rollerball tourney. The variety of the new DYP format is a well received change to the previous static Open Doubles format and expectations are that it will bring more new Friday night players out to Dukes . You can check the Coming Events section at to see which events are scheduled.

"DYP Foosball Madness"

Our very own Bryan Hendricks has suggested introducing a new element, DYP Foosball Madness , to the Friday night tourney at Dukes. Following is a reprint of Bryan’s post:

Instead of $8 for all players, make it $10 for all players. The $8 still goes to the tournament prize pool and the $2 extra per player goes to a pool divided among the players who have the "most correct filled-out tournament bracket" for that night’s tourney. Think NCAA March Madness. Since BYPs are easier to calculate winners and losers, I say DYP to make it more challenging and fun.

Example : Last week was a draw, 10 teams, 20 players, would be a $40 pool. Maybe a bunch of people just win their two bucks back and maybe a few people share the $40.

Also, imagine the interactivity among players as they try to figure who can win. Players watching more matches because they have a vested interest. Newer players might have a desire to attend more events so they know the players and thusly be able to pick more accurately based on the combined skill level of the teams in a DYP.

Please feel free to provide your opinion on this new suggestion via the Forums section on the website or to other foosers including the league directors.

"Something Blue"

Hazelwoods , a longtime and popular spot for valley foosers will be closing its doors on May 22 due to new owners. The good news is that they are offering happy-hour all day, every day, until they close.

If anyone is interested in getting involved in Arizona Foosball in any capacity, visit and register using the current signup sheet, post in our forums, or contact Bill Nolan at 602-751-8818. In addition, you can get the latest and greatest details on any foos related activities at this same awesome site.

Remember… Keep Foosin’ Fun!


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