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Jim KingMonday, March 30, 2015
Foos Pulse

Hats Off to Champions

Attention all Phoenix foosers!  Just in case you missed it, all of the souped-up hype linked to both the Hall of Fame Warm-up and the Hall of Fame Classic was lived out over the past month here in Phoenix and Las Vegas, respectively.  In addition, the Spring 2015 Interim League has kicked off and it appears there has been no lessening of interest in what we’re all helping to develop here in Phoenix, that being a competitive and well supported foosball community.



This year’s HOF Warm-up was hosted by Jester’s Billiard’s in Gilbert and had players hailing from Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and, of course, Arizona, ranging in skill levels from Beginners to Pro Master.  There were seven different events spread between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, of which there were 124 teams contending to showcase their skills, or luck, and claim their spot in Arizona foosball history.


Following is a summary of the events and winners of each.


Friday night Draw Your Partner (DYP): Nick Bourdos & Holly Minnig

Expert Singles: Eric Sanchez

Open Singles: TJ Telles     

Amateur Doubles: Jeff Minnig & Rissa Salke

Open Doubles: Evan Stachelek & Nick Bourdos

Expert Doubles: Jim Sherman & Johnny Valles

Sunday "Sh*t Talk" DYP: Pat Hutson & Evan Stachelek


Also, a funny thing happened during play at the Sunday DYP Sh*t Talk event.  We all know how good Brian Salke’s 5-bar can be, right?  Well, it’s hard to convey humor in written form, at least it is for me, but I’m going to share a moment that everyone should’ve have been there to witness.  Due to the unique format of this event there was a LOT of "smack" talk taking place.  Evan and Pat were playing Brian and Guy and there were plenty of ‘colorful’ one liner’s flying from everyone except Pat, who was focused on winning.  During the match Evan was successfully passing and defending his 5-bar with surgical precision against Brian.  Just about that time a service dog that was on hand for the action (a cheery golden retriever named Travis), walks up and Evan blurts out “look…Brian’s seeing eye dog is here for his 5-bar”.  I almost soiled myself as did a few others who were lucky enough to witness it.  Thank you Brian for being such a good sport about me sharing this.



The 2015 HOF Classic was a huge success with hundreds of players coming from 35 states and 4 countries, all of them vying for their piece of the $60K prize fund.  Following is a listing of how the Arizona players placed in each of the events.


Goalie War: Eric Friesen – 9th out of 27 players

Amateur Singles: Pat Hutson 1st; Jim Sherman 3rd; Brad Chamberlain 13th; Wandad Guscheh 17th out of 128

Open Singles: Zeke Cervantes – 33rd out of 208

Open Doubles:  Brian Salke & Billy Pappas – 4th out of 107

Master Limited:  Ronnie Garrett & Holly Minnig – 7th out of 9

Rookie Singles:  Chris Serrao – 9th out of 81

Rookie Doubles:  Mike Lawrence & Chris Serrao – 1st out of 35

Expert Mixed Doubles: Jim Sherman & Rissa Salke – 3rd out of 26

Pro Singles: Zeke Cervantes – 1st out of 134

Amateur Doubles: Rissa Salke & Brian Salke – 7th out of 64

Beginner Doubles: Chris Serrao & out of state partner – 5th; Tim & Eric Friesen – 13th out of 25

Beginner Singles: Tim & Eric Friesen tied for 33rd out of 48

Elite Singles: Zeke Cervantes – 9th out of 128

Expert Doubles: Jim Sherman & Ronnie Garrett - 5th; Chris Serrao & Doug Steele – 25th out of 96



The Interim League kicked off on February 21st and continues to be a popular weekly event being hosted at a number of league sites around the valley, Main Street Billiards in Mesa being a primary sponsor.  Anyone interested in playing in this event or any other weekly tourneys should go to and click on ‘Coming Events’ to confirm the location.  The Interim League fills the void between seasons in order to keep us foosers from going through withdrawals from not getting enough table-time in.   It follows the same format as the league in that it’s a handicap format and it levels the playing field when newer foosers are playing against more experienced ones…so there’s no reason to keep any ‘wannabe’ fooser from participating in the fun. 


After six events, Brian Salke is currently leading the league with an overall winning percentage of .898, with Ricky Chun (.840) and Ronnie Garrett (.806) are closest to surpassing him, with another 42 players in the hunt.  As of March 25th, the handicaps ranged from .1 to 10 with the average being 3.9.



Given our recent exposure to new media, such as Arizona Billiards & Darts magazine, we thought it would be an excellent time to reprise some of our previous league highlights.  Over the next couple months I'll be reviewing some of past league championship teams in this final slot.


This month we’re showcasing the last two Foos Bowl winners:  Foos Bowl XIII champs Jason Collicott, Daniel Blech, and Jacqueline d'Estries, and Foos Bowl XII champs Rulon Smith, Dustin Hubred, and Nart Novak. 

All six players on these two teams were classified as rookies (three beginners and three amateurs), further demonstrating how well the handicap system levels the playing field and provides everyone a chance to win-it-all.  Each team also gained their championship in an impressive manner; both of them won the extremely competitive and talented Eastern Conference division title to earn a first round playoff bye, and then defeated the strongest teams in the league to claim the title.


Once again, congrats to both teams!


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1 - Brian Sternberg / Phill Tran - $602 - Bill Nolan / Rulon Smith - $303 - Paul Freund / Ashtien - $104 - Jim Hubred / Travis Hubred5 - Nolan Gorney / Daniel Blech5 - Mike Sames / Holly Minnig7 - Eric Friesen / Tim Friesen7 - Brian Salke / Colten Dusenberry
Phill Tran:   Started... started from the bottom now we here... - Slo Rollers
Billyboy:   You guys deserved that win. Great job! :)
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1 - Daniel Blech / Johnny Valles - $642 - David Gilitiuk / Phill Tran - $323 - Brian Salke / Travis Hubred - $144 - Holly Minnig / Ricky Chun5 - Jim Sherman / Joshua Radas5 - Paul Freund / Ashtien7 - Brian Sternberg / Dustin Hubred7 - Tim Friesen / Rulon Smith9 - Nolan Gorney / Rick Weirman9 - Scott Young / Jim King
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