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2023-2024 Phoenix League Final Standings
Eastern ConferenceStrength: 7-7 (0.500)
Blind Squirrels1240.750-42-20-191254974-5-310-4W44-1
Foos Gone Wild1060.625238-30-14120011702-16-29-5W23-2
Moose Drool1060.625234-25-21116711941-26-29-5L13-2
Ball Smackers970.563335-28-1811831115-4-48-6L21-4
Hard Knocks790.438522-45-139511236-4-46-8W24-1
Dumpster Fire3130.188922-41-2011741234-1-73-11L70-5
Western ConferenceStrength: 7-7 (0.500)
Better Lucky Than Good1060.625-40-27-14119312011-15-39-5W13-2
Foos Brothers970.563131-23-2611781172-3-57-7L14-1
Bearded Kartel790.438330-28-23115811473-24-46-8L13-2
Three Bros, No Hoes790.438328-36-16106511801-42-66-8L12-3
Foosage à Trois6100.375422-37-2211591212-3-55-9L50-5
Western Conference Wildcard
Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Foos Brothers 3, FoosFellas 1
Eastern Conference Wildcard
Wednesday, January 24, 2024
SINGLES:  Noel Rooney 1, Scott Turnidge 0
Moose Drool 2, Foos Gone Wild 1
Western Conference Championship
Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Foos Brothers 3, Better Lucky Than Good 2
GOALIE WAR:  Bill Walling 1, Tyler Troupe 0
SINGLES:  Steve Mathews 2, Israel Mendoza 0
Eastern Conference Championship
Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Blind Squirrels 4, Moose Drool 0
GOALIE WAR:  Holly Neff 1, Jason Collicott 0
LEAGUE STUD:  Jeff Minnig 1, Noel Rooney 0
SINGLES:  Noel Rooney 2, Paul Freund 0
FORWARD SHOOT OUT:  Esperanza Medina 1, Jim Dickson 0
5 BAR WAR:  Chris Serrao 1, Casey Nelson 0
ROLLERBALL:  Jeff Minnig 2, Phil Bevacqua 0
Saturday, February 03, 2024
LEAGUE STUD:  Bill Walling 2, Mark Proctor 0
FORWARD SHOOT OUT:  Jim King 2, Steve Taylor 0
5 BAR WAR:  Mark Proctor 1, Joshua Radas 0
ROLLERBALL:  Darrin I'atala 1, Miles Johnson 0
GOALIE WAR:  Bill Walling 2, Holly Neff 0
LEAGUE STUD:  Jeff Minnig 2, Bill Walling 1
SINGLES:  Steve Mathews 2, Noel Rooney 0
FORWARD SHOOT OUT:  Jim King 2, Esperanza Medina 1
5 BAR WAR:  Chris Serrao 2, Mark Proctor 1
DOUBLES:  Mark Proctor 2, Billy Nolan 1
ROLLERBALL:  Jeff Minnig 2, Darrin I'atala 1
MAIN EVENT:  Blind Squirrels 2, Foos Brothers 0
BigLT1/10 12:03pmGame of the Week at Fire & Fury last night!. The playoff fate of 3 teams hung in the balance and it came down to 6-6 on Doubles ROTO to decide it. Great game Foos Brothers! Go get that championship!
Steve Taylor1/20 12:21pmI heard Foos Bros is planning a forfeiture in upcoming match against Foos Fellas. Running scared I guess.
jimking1/24 appears that perhaps Stevie 'Wonder' Taylor needs hearing aids as his aforementioned bold statement proved to be untrue. The Foos Brothers showed up with their game faces on and proceeded to methodically dismantle the Foos Fellas. However, I have to admit it was a close match and they were very gracious in their defeat. Additionally, they are yet another team wishing us the best in taking down the 'numero uno' Better Lucky Than Good foosers.
Steve Taylor1/31 5:15amI WILL BEAT YOU.
jimking1/31 7:43amHaving a positive attitude is very helpful in life, however when it becomes delusional you should seek counseling. I would be happy to attend sessions together to ensure a healthy resolution. We can talk about it on Saturday. ??
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FOOS BOWL XX Champions!

Tim Mouser, Jim Hubred, Luke Manchester (and Rob Romanowicz, not shown)
of the Blind Squirrels

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Stop *trying* to foos me and FOOS me...


Interim League Returns

7pm Wednesdays in East Phoenix (Mesa)


Despite a "kung fu" theme for Interim League events, your kung fu may not improve.

Every Wednesday until the start of the next officially sanctioned season, an Interim League event will be hosted at one of the league locations.  Each event will offer a league-style event as well as pick-up games.  The location and event type will be announced by email or text message each week.  It's a great way to meet veteran league players, introduce new players to the league, win prizes, and just have some good fun and chat!


■ All players are eligible (NOT limited to veteran league players!).  New players will be given an initial rating by a league coordinator.

■ A small entry fee will be charged, along with a contribution from AZ Foosball, in order to provide prizes for each event, including:

■ The following additional prizes* will be awarded at the end of the interim league period:

·  League Medal to the player with the best overall winning percentage

·  FREE ENTRY  to the next official league season to player with best winning percentage & rating < 4.0

·  50% off league entry fee to player with most interim events played

* Winners must have played in at least 33% of scheduled interim league events.

* Tie-breakers, in order: win pct., most events played, most total points, higher league rating, split.

* Prizes are non-transferable.

2024 Interim League Standings
Coordinator: Billy Nolan; (602) 751-8818
First Event Hosted: February 3, 2024
Last Event Hosted: February 3, 2024
# Events Hosted: 1
# to Qualify: 1
Final Event Scheduled: T.B.D.
  • Ryan Acuna
    Winner Last Event Ryan Acuna
  • Paul Freund
    Rookie Leader Paul Freund
  • Champs!
    2/3/2024 Champs
Next Event:
1Chris Serrao6.711/2323/231.000
1Ryan Acuna7.011/2323/231.000
3Billy Nolan5.712/2322/230.957
3Bill O' Halloran6.012/2322/230.957
5Paul Freund3.713/2321/230.913
5Jim Hubred4.913/2321/230.913
7Darrin I'atala3.114/2320/230.870
7Ben Crawford6.114/2320/230.870
9Tori Minnig0.415/2319/230.826
9Tim Mouser2.615/2319/230.826
11Noel Rooney7.316/2318/230.783
12Julie O' Halloran5.517/2317/230.739
13Doug Purcell3.618/2316/230.696
14Esperanza Medina4.419/2315/230.652
15Brad Chamberlain7.0110/2314/230.609
16Steve Mathews5.5111/2313/230.565
17Kaylen Kallander2.0112/2312/230.522
18Ronnie Garrett6.0113/2311/230.478
19Gary Hillyer3.4114/2310/230.435
20Holly Neff4.5115/239/230.391
21Steve Taylor4.5116/238/230.348
22Michael Carey5.2117/237/230.304
23Elizabeth Fair1.8118/236/230.261
24Gary Schachtschneider7.5119/235/230.217
25Steven Proctor0.1120/234/230.174
26Paul Richards4.9121/233/230.130
27Jeff Minnig6.5122/232/230.087
28Jeffrey Licano0.6123/231/230.043
Leader of VeteransWinner of Last EventRegistered for Next Event
Leader of RookiesMost Events Played
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