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Singles points race sponsored by Boulders in Tempe & the Phoenix Foos Club. 16 weeks in length.


  • $5 entry fee for all players.
  • Each week participants earn points just like the Phoenix Tour depending on their rank and place. Heres a link to the old KOTR page that details the point awards and how everyone did last time.
  • The weekly events are just a regular singles event no handicap and they will be seeded.
  • $3 dollars of the $5 entry fee will go towards the weekly prize, the top Expert/Pro will split with the top Rookie/Amateur. If we have more than 8 players 2nd will get their entry fee back, more than 10 players and 3rd will also get their money back if they are not in the money.
  • $2 dollars of the entry fee will go towards the final. Both Badger Promotions and PPFC are each donating $50 dollars to the final.
  • Points will work exactly the same as they do for the Phoenix Tour where participation will count as well as your result.
  • At the end of the 12 weeks the top 6 players will be invited to a playoff for all the marbles.
  • The playoff will start as a handicapped round robin single game. Masters must score 9, Pros must score 8, Experts 7, Amateurs 6, Beginners 5
  • After the round robin the top two will square off in the finals, same handicap rules. However the finals are goalies delight, meaning if you score from the pits you get the ball in the pits to start the next point
  • Winner gets 60% of the purse, 2nd gets 30% and we will have a playoff with the rest of the players for the final 10%