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Posts: 203
Well, a team has finally done what seemed impossible, and completed a perfect regular season at 14-0.

Congratulations to T.J. Telles, Mike Sames, and Dan Martin for laying it down all season long, and doing it all without any performance enhancing drugs.

The big question now is "can they reach true perfection, and stay unbeaten to win the 2009 League Championship?". Such a performance is the stuff of legends, known to be the springboard to lucrative promotional deals and occasional bit parts in bad movies.

So what is the consensus - will they be able to pull this one off for the record books?

Will there be an historic collapse as the Joes must face the top Eastern and Western conference challengers, and such killing machines as Wettlaufer, Nelson, Derek Martin, Billups/Teeter (Terminator), or the dynamic White/La Fountain duo?
Or will they step up to the plate and hit that full count pitch into the bleachers, achieving foosball immortality while simultaneously reinforcing that notion that we've all suspected this season - that we've just been played for a bunch of chumps?

Well, it is sure going to be exciting. I know that come the finals I, for one, will be rooting vehemently for whichever team seems to be leading the match at any given time. This method seems to be the most unbiased, and also guarantees that you are not let down.

- Bill Nolan (from the just-barely-eliminated S.O.B.'s)
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