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Posts: 203
Post season blues?

As the 2011 league is drawing to a close, we have received many questions and requests about the next league. Some players have shown distress at the prospect of having to wait six months for their next foosball league fix!

You will be pleased to know that the coordinators have your back! We’ve taken several measures this time around to make this transition as seamless as possible, and have instituted the following actions:

1) An Interim League. This is essentially an informal league event intended to provide some action in between official league seasons, as well as foster player communication and comradery. (And don’t worry – there are also prizes to play for!)
2) Signups for the next league will begin shortly. Expect an announcement on this before the end of the 2011 playoffs!

Interim League Description
Each Wednesday until the start of the next season, an Interim League event will be hosted by league coordinator Brad Szymalak at one of the league locations. The location will be announced by email or SMS each week, and you will be able to sign up via the website or text message. Each event will offer a league-style match with random teammates for those interested, pick-up games, and a chance to meet and introduce new players, win prizes, and in general just have some great foosball fun and chat!

Here are the details:

  • The first six players to sign up either via the website or on location will be randomly drawn into two impromptu league teams. These two teams will participate in a standard Arizona Foosball League match as per normal league rules. (A second simultaneous match may be offered if there are enough players on hand that wish to participate, and the location offers a second table.)
  • All players are eligible for the impromptu league match (it is not limited to veteran league players or substitutes). New players will be given an initial rating by the league coordinator.
  • Prizes* will be awarded to participants at the end of the interim league period (before the start of the next official league):
-50% off new league entry fee to the player with the best games winning percentage & league rating below 4.0*
- 50% off new league entry fee to the player with the best games winning percentage & league rating greater than or equal to 4.0*
- 50% off new league entry fee to the player with the most interim matches played*

* Winners must have played in at least 50% of the available interim match events.
* Tie-breakers, in order: games won/lost pct, lower league rating, split

We hope that the new Interim League will satisfy your league cravings during the brief off-season, and also serve as an opportunity for you to get to know other players better, form new teams, and introduce new players to our league!

Interim League Begins 7pm Wednesday, Oct. 12 at Main St. Billiards, Mesa

So, as you can see, the AZ Foosball League is far from quiet! We look forward to seeing you at any of the upcoming playoff games, interim league events, or the grand finale league championships and party FOOS BOWL VIII on October 22! Check your email and the website www.arizonafoosball.com for the latest updates.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write or call us.

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