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Posts: 203
Interviewing now for Weekly Update writer!

To all league players:

We are going to add a "Weekly Update" section to our league pages soon. This will simply be a quick rundown of the week's matchups, including news, highlights, commentary, pictures, and whatever else may be of interest for the latest league action. It will mainly be a basic report, but of course, the writer can add his/her own style and insert occasional opinionated bias that we all know can be so much fun! Users will also be able to post feedback and comments on the article.

We are looking for someone with modest writing ability that would have an interest in taking this position to add a cool new dimension to the leagues, and help bring into light the great social scene inherent in our league that is otherwise not represented on the website or to the free world! The weekly article itself can range in scope and size in each rendition - from a simple paragraph to a big essay with pictures, etc. - depending on the content available and the mood of the writer (and of course the editor!).

The weekly spot will be initiated/introduced by a current coordinator, and then handed off to the chosen candidate. The person entrusted with this position would obtain access to the news section of arizonafoosball.com, and will be able to add content freely and independently, including HTML and a degree of server control.

If you are interested in this position with the 1,432,334th biggest publication on the internet, call or e-mail me via the contact info at bottom to schedule an interview! Such an excursion can do wonders for a fledgling journalist's career - not to mention be a lot of fun!

Arizona Foosball League Coordinators

Bill N. (602) 751-8818
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