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Jesse Rhode
Jesse Rhode
Posts: 190

As mentioned to several of you, tomorrow is Friday the 13th and WeFoos is adding $100 to the prize pool AS LONG AS, you guessed it, thirteen (13) or more teams are entered in tomorrow night’s BYP. Rissa and I will be playing as a team and we’re taking on all challengers. As an aside, Nick has confirmed he WILL NOT be in attendance so the extra cash is up for grabs as I know several potential teams are capable of taking us out, however we do fully expect any of you wannabe challengers to bring it!

With 13 teams, expect payouts to breakdown as follows:
1st - $180
2nd - $110
3rd - $50
4th - $20

Call myself or Jesse in advance if you have any questions! See you at Duke’s tomorrow night for an educational experience!

PS. If you actually believe you have a chance to win tomorrow be sure to invite fellow players to watch your spectacular victory over Rissa and myself wink

PPS. Stay tuned for announcements to Colorado State!
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