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Brad -

It certainly sounds good to say things like "both of you" and "neither of you", implying that two people are to blame for something. But if you are truly as objective as you portend, you surely can take a minute to step back and ask "exactly what was it that Bill did to Bryan?"

This drama "war" has nothing whatsoever to do with me; it is entirely a fabrication from the mind of Bryan Hendricks. Every hateful post or email is riddled with misinformation (e.g. I've never made any attempt to suspend Rissa from anywhere, and she is not suspended. Etc.). One person is proactively sabotaging things, the other is not. It's that simple.

On many occasions I've actively tried to fix things between Bryan and I. I've apologized for things when I wasn't even sure if I'd done anything wrong. Just last week when someone mentioned that Bryan seems to have lightened up and apologized to this person or that for some previous actions or misunderstandings, my response was "Great! I honestly don't even care what may or may not have happened or whose fault it is. I just want to see it fixed.". I have been good friends with Bryan for over 12 years, and have always wished him well. And believe it or not, I still do.

I'm sorry Brad, I honestly appreciate your efforts to try to fix some of this. You're a great guy, and I personally know how much you have sacrificed for foosball (and to anyone reading this, I guarantee it's a lot more than you would imagine). Unfortunately, I simply do not believe a completely "neutral" approach is entirely appropriate or productive in this scenario.
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Upon further reflection and on advice of counsel, I have deleted my post and removed myself from the fray. What the hell was I thinking...

I did retire from promoting for a reason, just need to remind my self of why from time to time. Thanks for responding Bill.

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