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Gary Schachtschneider
Gary Schachtschneider
Posts: 23
A see saw battle to the bitter end. Patriots start new home lineup and sweep doubles 3 -0. We be foosin responds by sweeping the individual events. The Patriots respond by handing We be foosin their first rollerball loss of the season 7-6 in two ball. The critical match point one ball rollerball was won by Mike Myers goalie slider...you gotta be kiddin...nope true. The Patriots respond by sweeping the singles and doubles rotations 7-1 7-3. But wait its tied as We be foosin wins total points. A bad decision to play doubles rotation again and we be foosin got it together for a big 7-1 OT victory. We should of listened to Skyler Brody's choice of 2 ball rollerball I guess
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