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Posts: 203
2011-2012 Winter League Signups

are now open at http://arizonafoosball.com/Leagues

In response to popular demand, we will begin the new league promptly. Our plan is to accept signups immediately and launch as early as the first week of December (if enough are signed up in time!), and no later than the first week of January otherwise. (But do not fear - if we launch in December, we will provide a break for the holidays!)

Our last season was a broad success, and we are looking at a real possibility of launching 16-20 teams in the coming version. Don’t miss out on what looks like the best AZ Foosball season so far!

Here are some things to look forward to:

* Returning player count is high.
* We have received unprecedented interest from new players!
* Two new locations to choose from (Ahwatukee and Gilbert).
* Improved league web support.
* Additional league coordinators (to make things easier on you!).

Have a Great Foosin’ Winter!

Bill Nolan (602) 751-8818
Jeremy Wettlaufer (602) 722-9572
Arizona Foosball

P.S. Also remember: if you are a veteran player, you can receive a $20 discount if you introduce a new player into the league. Just make sure to talk to a coordinator to claim your hard-earned prize!
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