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Posts: 679
Posts: 679
Foosers -

As of last night we have had 55 different foosers participate at Boulders in at least 1 event.

Buckys Big Draw will be held on Saturday December 21st! Here are some important facts about the event...

There will be two events, the BBD and Bucky's Little Draw.

The Little Draw will start at 5 and the BBD will start at 8.

Players can only play in one event or the other, there will be no conflicts between the two events.

BLD Qualification

If you have played in at least 1 event at boulders you qualify for the BLD!

Tables will be on free play and there is a 10 dollar entry fee.

The bar is adding 150 dollars to the event, so with 10 teams this is a 350 dollar pot!

The following 35 people are currently eligible for the BLD...

A, Michael
Arora, Vivek
B, Peter
Comption, Del
Cooper, Gary
De Olivera, Mark
Duncan, Bob
Denger, Ken
Fictum, Peter
Foltys, Eric
Gorney, Nolan
Heinz, Dave
Held, Dan
Husband, Tom
Johnson, Miles
Jolly, Everett
King, Jim
McCormick, Age
Naranjo, Enrique
Nelson, KC
Nethery, Kathy
Norlan, Ryan
P, Ivan
Pelayo, Jeremias
Roberts, Eric
Rooney, Noel
Sharkey, Gary
Stachelcek, Evan
Steele, Doug
Taylor, Steve
Telles, TJ
Telles, Steve
Veloso, Rissa
Wakelin, Matt
Young, Scott

BBD Qualification

We will take a minimum of 8 teams to the BBD with a max of 10, based on participation. We will bring an even amount of players, their will be no x man for this event.

Entry Fees

90% and greater - Free Entry!!!

89% - 80% - 5 dollar entry fee
79% - 70 % - 10 dollar entry fee
69% - 60% - 15 dollar entry fee
59% - 50% - 20 dollar entry fee
49% - 45 % - 25 dollar entry fee
44% - 40% - 30 dollar entry fee

The pot is currently at $530 dollars - we are estimating with entry fees that it will be approximately a 1000 dollar event. We will pay out to 4 places using the following scale

1st 50%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%
4th 10%

The current players are at 40% or higher and are eligible for the BBD

Borkovec, Eric
Carey, Mike
Chamberlain, Brad
Chun, Ricky
Crawford, John
Dickson, Jim
Garrett, Ronnie
Hardricks, Bryan
Hubred, Travis
Hutson, Pat
Kilwein, Terry
Lawrence, Mike
Medina, Espy
Mirzazadeh, Ash
Pettit, Chris
Rhode, Jesse
Sames, Mike
Saunders, Townshend
Scully, John

Players must declare their intention to play by 12/17. If we have less than 8 teams we will go down the list offering the next highest ranked player, based on percentage of events played in until we can field 8 teams. Players under the 40% threshold invited to the event will be asked to pay the 30 dollar entry fee.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Brad (Sho'Nuff)

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