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Posts: 683
Foosers -

Announcing Bucky's Big Draw and Bucky's Little Draw. We are adding a total of 800 dollars to these events! Just in time for the holidays.

If you are playing in the BBD you can't play in the BLD!! All Tables on Free Play

Any foosers that have played in a boulders event are welcome to play in the BLD! The BBD is by invite only to qualified players. The list is as follows....

Eric Bork
Mike Carey
Brad Chamberlain
Ricky Chun
John Crawford
Jim Dickson
Ronnie Garrett
Bryan Hendricks
Travis Hubred
Pat Hutson
Terry Kilwein
Jim King
Mike Lawrence
Espy Medina
Ash Mirzazadeh
Chris Petit
Mike Sames
Jesse Rhode
Townsend Saunders
JB Scully

All foosers listed above must declare their intent to play by this Saturday December 14th. Contact Brad Chamberlain to declare your intent and find out your entry fee.

BLD - Details

You must be in the house and paid up by 5 PM no exceptions the event will begin by 5:30 PM. Remember BBD players are not playing the BLD so it is a great opportunity for those of you usually not in the money to cash in!!

Entry fee is 10 dollars - $150 added by Boulders!! Must have at least 5 teams to run the event. If we don't have 5 teams the money will be rolled into the BBD.

The format for the event will be a standard DYP 2/3 in both winners and losers. However if we go over 8 teams the first two rounds in the losers bracket will be single game 7/11 format. The goal is to finish this event before the BBD begins. Jesse Rhode is the TD for this event.

BBD - Details

As stated above you must declare your intent to play by Saturday, December 14th. The event will have a min of 8 teams and a max of 10. We will play to 4 places using the following formula 1st 50%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 15%, 4th 10%. If all eligible people participate the total purse will be approximately $975 dollars.

Entry fee is based on your attendance percentage of all qualifying events...see the chart to check your %.

90% and greater - Free Entry!!!

89% - 80% - 5 dollar entry fee
79% - 70 % - 10 dollar entry fee
69% - 60% - 15 dollar entry fee
59% - 50% - 20 dollar entry fee
49% - 45 % - 25 dollar entry fee
44% - 40% - 30 dollar entry fee

All players must be in the house and paid up by 7:45 PM, the event will start at 8:30 sharp!!

To bring a little Christmas spirit to the event we will be introducing the White Elephant Draw!! The rules for the White Elephant are as follows....

The draw process will start at 8 PM sharp.

All players names are placed in sealed envelopes. Half of the envelopes will be drawn and opened, these are the players in the game, the remaining envelopes are the gifts. As the players are drawn they get to choose their order for picking, for example if the first player drawn chooses 5 then they will be the 5th in the order of choosing gifts. This will happen until all the player positions are filled.

Player 1 will then choose a envelope from the remaining half, open it revealing his/her partner, maybe....

Player 2 then has the choice to either take player 1's "gift" or choose another envelope. This continues until all envelopes are drawn and everyone has a chance to choose an envelope or steal a gift.

There are some rules governing this process...

First a "gift" can only be passed three times. On the third pass the "gift" is now locked and can't be stolen again.

There is no immediate re-stealing, meaning that if a gift is stolen from you, you can't immediately steal it back.

Since player 1 never had a chance to steal a "gift" when the turn returns to them they can do a swap with any gift that is not locked, thus ending the game

Though both Jesse and I think this is totally awesome and should be a lot of fun, we also know that there are a number of Grinches out there that may not feel the same way. Seriously if you have some feedback regarding this process, something we may have overlooked perhaps, please do not hesitate to let me know. The purpose of this event is to celebrate our first few months at Boulders and have a good time. We are always willing to entertain suggestions to ensure we do just that!!

We are looking forward to a great event!


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