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Posts: 685
Foosers - Many of us would like to continue to play foos, so doing so in the current pandmic will require a level of cooperation and tolerance that is sometimes difficult for the foosball community to accept.

With that said some of these rules are Boulders requirements, some out ours.

Mask Rules -
1 - Mask is required to enter Boulders and move around the establishment.
2 - Masks are required at the table unless all 4 players agree they do not want to wear them during the match.

Keep it Clean -
1 - Wash your hands and/or use sanitizer before each match.

Social Distancing -
1 - Please respect everyone's space. No more than 4 people to a table, tables will be 8 feet apart.
2 - Only watch matches if social distancing can be practiced, therefore only a couple of people watching matches at a time.
3 - When not playing please sit on the other side of the room, do not crowd in the playing area.
4 - Please do not go in the bar area, and try to stay upstairs as much as possible

Check in and registration -
1 - Please preregister for the events on the Arizonafoosball website, we want to know who is coming and how many.
2 - We will be checking for your mask before you are allowed upstairs.

Miscellaneous -
1 - If you have been feeling sick at all, DON'T COME!!!!!
2 - If you have been exposed to COVID - DON'T COME!!!!
3 - If you have been in large crowds with many unmasked participants, rallys, protesters, concerts, etc.... DON'T COME!!!!
4 - Only foosers and wait staff will be allowed upstairs.

Leave your political stance and personal feelings about this at the door!! The pandemic is real and I will not do anything that needlessly endangers my family or friends. These rules are non-negotiable and are for the safety for all. So fare I do not know of any foosers that have and COVID and we need to keep our community COVID free. These are pretty simple steps to take to make sure we have the freedom and piece of mind to come together, hang out, and play the game we love.

I spent 5 hours in Boulders yesterday cleaning the tables. We have 4 T-3000 tables that are all in fantastic condition, it is the best set of tables we have had since the Cactus Moon days!! The tournament last Friday was fantastic and it was some of the best quality foos that I have seen in a long time.

Please if you have any questions or concerns let me know.


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the situasian
the situasian
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the situasian
the situasian
Posts: 29
Great job Brad, awesome to see these precautions and rules in place! Happy that I haven't heard of any Covid+ foosers yet.

If your foosin, pay attention to these and stay safe out there. Miss ya'll!

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