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Posts: 203
2012 Summer Arizona Foosball League
Signups now open!

Visit the Leagues page or
Click Here to visit the Signup Page

Well, it's time again for the real thing!
There's been a slightly longer than usual break since the last season. You may have heard through the grapevine about a number of new developments in the pipeline. Well, you probably heard right! Here is a brief punch-list of what to expect:

* Two new locations, including Cactus Moon in Mesa.
* Probable 16-20 teams.
* At least six T-3000 tables (both new and upgraded).
* Professional sponsors contributing t-shirts, jackets, and additional prize money.
* New "Reserve Player" team option.
* Pay your league fees online.
* Access to full match and player results from all matches.
* Ability to affect player handicaps via weekly vote online!

A forthcoming e-mail will provide all the details of the upcoming features and changes. As you can see, the coordinators have been hard at work in bringing the Arizona Foosball League to the next level. But, alas, all this was done at a slight cost of time and there is one big task remaining that we are counting on you, the players, to help fulfill - we need to move at record pace in our signups this season in order to hit our start date of August 15th and avoid the holidays at playoff time!

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link above and...

Let's Have a Wild, Crazy and Fantastic Season!

Thank you all for helping to build something special! Please call us with any questions.

Arizona Foosball League Coordinators
Bill (602) 751-8818
Jeremy (602) 722-9572
Jesse R. (623) 340-7577
Brad C. (928) 304-3351
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