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Posts: 3
Hey, I have spoken to some people about the league and how you use a league sheet each night, and thought that I would share the league sheets that we used at the Ottawa Foosball Association for our Wednesday night league night which was out most popular night of the week while I was living there. I haven't seen what league sheet you use and so I'm NOT trying to say that one is better than another. I just thought that I would share, in case there were factors from this game sheet that people may want to incorporate into the league nights here, and hopefully you have criticisms of these league sheets that I can use to make them even better for the group back home in Toronto smile.

I helped to develop this league sheet, and some of our objectives were as follows:

1) Make it as even as possible in terms of having each of the three players on each team play an equal amount of the time. We were having issues with people getting stuck as player 2 each week since our old game sheet was set up so that the best player on each team would want to be player 1. This new game sheet is set up to make it as fair as possible for all three teammates. We originally had only two singles matches, and two specialties, so one player was left out of singles each week, and another was left out of specialties each week. We changed this to three of each in order for people to get used to playing singles as in tournaments these are half the events, which makes it important to practice in a competitive environment. I love how you guys run a singles event almost every week at Duke's - that's something we didn't have in Ottawa that I will want to incorporate wlhen I get back to Toronto Big Grin

2) Make sure that all events are set up to help the players develop their game. For example, on the old sheets we had a three man event where one player was on the forward rods, and the other two players were on the two defensive rods and then it was also a roto event so each goal the players rotated positions. We saw this as kind of fun but essentially useless for developing skill since most of the time you are using the wrong hand on the rod in the back and can't see well, so it was just silly haha. Instead we chose to replace this event with a 2 ball roto rollerball which helps with players' speed, pickups, and ball control in both the front and the back (roto).

The specialties is an event, one on one, where whoever wins the coin toss chooses between the three specialties events based on which one they think their opponent is weak at or they are strong at. I like this model because it forces players to play a specialty that is maybe out of their comfort zone if the opponent get's to choose which game. I've been surprisingly happy with my performance in these situations because when the other person picks, then you serve and are instantly the underdog which motivates me personally.

The doubles at the end after the normal roto doubles (nice warm up) is all pre-set with numbers of which players are matched up for each game of the two 2/3 matches in order to keep it fair. There is no rule as to who must be forward or defense the numbers are just to decide teams for each game and to have that switch up each game. All three games are played in each match no matter what as teams can earn 3 points for a sweep. Let's say that after all of the events leading up to Doubles, the score could be 7-1 as there are 8 events leading up to doubles. If the team that was down was able to sweep both doubles matches they would tie the night 7-7 and thus the Overtime match would need to be played which is a third 2/3 match at the bottom of the game sheet.

I could go on and on about these game sheets, but I think I'll attach them to this post so that you can see what I'm talking about and maybe this will stimulate a discussion that could make our game better by incorporating some of the factors that you have in your leagues. One big take away for me is this Handicap system that you are using. We never did that but I totally see the merit in it and that it works so I will make sure to incorporate that into whatever events / leagues I start up when I get back to Toronto. I encourage anyone who's read up to this point to let me know what you think we could do better this this league sheet, or maybe there are ideas that could be incorporated into your leagues.

I have attached two documents to this post, a 2 Team Sheet and a 3 Team sheet which is occasionally necessary if one team doesn't show up, then three are grouped for the evening.

Feel free to ask me anything - I'm always happy to chat Foos haha



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