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Ronnie Garrett
Ronnie Garrett
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Hello everyone. I think this may well be my first post ever on arizonafoosball.com. I don't really like posting in forums, but I want to bring this up. So here I go...

First: Just a reminder that tomorrow night there will be $50 added to the Stinger's Open BYP event.

Second: Jesse and I have been working really hard to get Stinger's back into the fooslight and I am kind of saddened by the amount of players that are not showing up in support of Stinger's because of past issues with the old ownership, the former ghetto bar that it was or what-not. The Stinger's renovation is nearly complete and the place is looking really good. The tables now have a permanent home along the back wall and gone are the days of not knowing where the tables would be the next weekend and no more bumping around with other bar clientele that weren't there to play foosball. The bar in our area has been completely rebuilt adding much more room to walk around and it is now significantly easier to order your drinks/food and sit at the bar. We are now on the edge of getting the new owner to throw in money for events. But we need to show him a steady turnout to get this done. I have done what I can to support other foosball venues in Phoenix and I would like to see more players showing up in support of what Jesse and I are trying to accomplish with Stinger's. I don't think it is much to ask. It strengthens our foosball community to have Stinger's succeed. We have a few new players that have moved to Phoenix recently and it's downright embarrassing when they are showing up and the longtime locals are not. The Phoenix foosball scene is bigger than this.

Please show your support and help us to keep a spot to play on Saturday nights! Feel free to reply to this thread by putting your thoughts below on what you feel can be done to help improve the scene at Stinger's.

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Next Saturday (January 26) we will be throwing $150 into the event! (This is opening weekend for the Phoenix Tour.)
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